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Second Release of SINGLE from Waugh Family Wines

“Ryan is one of the new generation of Napa winemakers … with initiative, vision, international wine experience, and a passion for working with vineyards.”

—The Napa Wine Project

With 28 vintages under his belt, “visionary” winemaker Ryan Waugh (The Napa Wine Project) has crafted unique wines cherished by a devoted group of fans. For years, he’s wanted to take advantage of an exceptional, uncommon expression of a single grape varietal. But as a small familyowned winery, he couldn’t commit to releasing a new line of wine. That is, unless it was really special …

Rocks my World

That’s how Ryan describes the Petit Verdot from the Napa Valley vines in 2015. Traditionally used to add power to Bordeaux red blends or Ryan’s fan-favorite Red Jr., this Petit Verdot combines that signature boldness with a rare elegance. After 30 months of oak-aging, SINGLE delivers a smooth, complex richness.

In the glass, you’ll enjoy the trademark dark-fruit flavor along with ripe red cherry, blueberry, and chocolate notes – seamlessly combined in one powerful focus. It’s everything red wine lovers look for – and then some.

Blows my mind, such a fun and unique wine

That’s how Ryan describes the Ghost Block Cabernet Sauvignon from this famous vineyard in 2016. Nestled on a gently sloping knoll on the north edge of Yountville, Ghost Block vineyard is named in honor of the historic Pioneer Cemetery for which it borders. The vineyard is 18 acres planted to Cabernet Sauvignon. We suggest decanting this for a few hours prior to drinking, or just go for it and watch the wine evolve while you enjoy the bottle! The ever-evolving layers and complexities are what make this wine special and unique and deserving of the SINGLE brand. Enjoy!

For Waugh Wines, it always starts in the vineyard. SINGLE was born when a particular block of grapes displayed an amazing quality and uniquely focused flavor.

SINGLE exists to capture a magical moment of Napa Valley, when a wine expresses an exquisite power and finesse. It won’t happen every year … (so hurry for yours).

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Now you can secure Ryan’s rare premium, exclusive wines, but you’ll have to be quick. As the name suggests, SINGLE will always be made from a single varietal that’s outstanding and unique. It doesn’t happen every year – and Ryan’s wines are always made in small, thoughtfully crafted batches.

100 cases produced of the 2015 Petite Verdot

70 cases produced of the 2016 Ghost Block Cabernet Sauvignon

SINGLE represents extremely rare moments.

NO SINGLE  in 2017, 2018 or 2019.